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  • you must be following this blog this is a giveaway for my followers so naturally, only my followers will get prizes. you can follow me after I make this post but following me only to win shit is kind of shit move :/
  • There will be ONLY 1 winner!!
  • 1 like, 1 reblog!! Disqualified if you use more then one blog! I will know!
  • You must be confident enough to send me your Address with full name and country, so the prize can be shipped to you. ((I will not exploit you))


Winner gets the following:

A box full of Danish/Scandinavian goodies! Not only candy and sweets but also a special surprise specially chosen by me to the winner. (it means it will various on the blog/bloggers theme)

  • you must reply within 24 hours of me sending you a message or i’ll pick a new winner 

Giveaway will end MAY 1ST!
May the odds be ever in your favor

Winner will be notified but not posted on blog, I will inform when the giveaway is over and that is that.

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